Monday, 31 August 2009


You never know when it will strike, but there comes a point in every day when you decide you will no longer do any more work.

Usually, I can hold it off til after lunch at least but it's been getting earlier and earlier until it pretty much culminated on Friday by striking at 9am! I'd only been at work long enough to buy myself a coffee and flick through some overnight emails. Anyway, I felt so guilty that I stayed until 9pm - I actually got pretty productive after 6. The weirdest thing is, there is this man who works in fixed income who I only know by name and he was there even when I left. Thinking about it on my wonderfully lonely tube ride home, he is always there when I leave and always there before I arrive in the morning. Does he go home at all? Does he not get on with his wife? Do they have nothing to talk about now that the kids have flown the nest? Is he still living with his mother? Honestly, I was having a random Tuesday thoughts rant in my head and it kept me entertained all the way home.

So, hopefully this slackness was a Summer thing and I shall be good to go tomorrow. Although I keep looking at the clock willing the moment not to come. The guilt is simply unbearable.


  1. Tighten up! Fly Right! Grab the bull by the horns! Put your nose to the grindstone! LMDDO! The first D is dangling, you fill in the rest!!!!

  2. He is probably hiding from the wife and kids!! Trust me.

  3. I can't believe otin said "LMDDO"!!!

    And... I wholeheartedly agree w Hit40. Dude is avoiding the wifey.

  4. Look at the clock definitely makes time go by more slowly! :p

    Oh, and as to your question (which I answered on my post), I believe it's somewhere in the mid 30s... ;o)

  5. Hi!Yes my man works in a building where traders work(he's not one of them and thankfully!),there are some like the guy you described.He tells me that they are some that stays late at night and come even on sundays!Yes sundays!It's open for the ones who wants to come!That's the same questions I ask myself all the time,do those people have a life?!

  6. I get like that at work a lot...going on strike, not staying there late and coming in early.