Sunday, 13 September 2009

Blessed be

My parents have been together for a handsome 29 years - during that time they have remained faithful to each other and unquestioningly loyal to me and my younger brother. I have always had somewhere safe to call home and even now, if I were to ring them and say I was sick they would drive straight over in the middle of the night with hot chicken soup. I feel very blessed and hope that they have been successful at subconsciously implanting a picture of domestic bliss in my head which I shall be able to recreate for my own. It's natural for me to think of my future as I get ever closer to 30, but it saddens me to see my parents age. My mother is talking about knee pains and my daddy is getting forgetful. I just kind of assumed they would be around forever to look after me but the balance is definitely shifting and I can feel them becoming more reliant on me. It makes me happy to give something back but still, it saddens me...

On Friday night, I was out with some work colleagues (all male) when a guy came over, told me he had noticed me and was going to give me a chance to impress him. Takes some balls to do that - the line in itself is pretty special but infront of all those banker guys.. He's given me a time and place to meet him this Friday - says he'll wait for me for 15 minutes otherwise it's game over. I like arrogance but I think this guy watches too many movies or something. But my only Friday night plans so far are Otin/Hit40's Happy Hour #3... It will be a busy weekend for me though, am taking James Bond to the big Chelsea game on Sunday.

Tomorrow I am travelling into the English countryside to present to the pension board of a regional corporate. They are hosting a sort of 'beauty parade' for people to pitch for their £50m fund. Let's hope my baton twirling is up to scratch!


  1. It is hard to watch your parents get older, especially when one of them spouts doom and gloom every time I talk to her! :(

    If you keep comparing every guy you meet to me, then you will never be satisfied! LMSOMNO!!!
    (Scar on my nose)

  2. I so get your feelings for your aging parents. My dad died four years ago, but mom is doing pretty well for being 82 and recovering from a broken hip. It's hard being in the spot where you are caring for them the way they used to care for you. Good luck with everything... I feel for you.

    As for the guy? No way. complete ass-hole. I can't believe he thinks that line would work. I wonder how often it does! Let us know what you decide...

  3. Your a sweetie!!! I love been part of your Friday plans. Very nice!!

    I say stand up this guy. He is a piece of work. I can not believe that he asked you to impress him. He has definitely not impressed YOU!!

  4. Ok, now that guy sounds like a jerk!!! Avoid at all costs!!!

    Isn't it wonderful having a loving and supporting family?! But I too wonder at times when I see little details here and there... the forgetting of an event, of something that needed to be done, of new pains...

    Oh... and yeah, Nadal... OUCH! :o(
    I didn't get a chance to see it. Was out all day and when came in was just going to check the score on the computer before heading down to the TV room to watch it... and when I saw 6-2 6-2 4-2 I was in too much shock to go on down! :s But at least he's getting his second place back!

    On the other hand I'm overjoyed at Kim Clijster's result! I used to be very fond of both Belgian players (a side-effect from living in the country so long, lol!) so it was wonderful news! That and the Williams sisters annoy me to no end... ;o)

  5. My parents are going to celebrate their 30th anniversary this year...crazy! When I asked my mom how she did it she told me it's all about learning to tolerate the other person!

  6. Hey, you alive over here?!
    I don't think you've been silent this long before... I hope it's just because lots of wonderful things are going on (that you'll share with us later, lol!) and not something else...


    PS: Did you hear about Justine Henin? I'm already looking forward to seeing how all this crazyness unfolds in women's tennis next year! ;o)