Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Dongle mania

Better late than never - I am a child of the noughties!

I have bought myself a laptop and a dongle - it seems to make everyone laugh but they really named it that! Apparently it is because the brains behind it didn't have quite enough creativity to give it a geeky name so just named it dongle. Anyway, it gives me mobile broadband which can only be good.

Just a quick one today but here is my keepsake story. This summer I am funding the O's first holiday abroad. Both my parents worked very hard to send me to [what they thought were] the best schools so I am very happy to be able to do this. It's not that we haven't all travelled separately but we have never had the time or money to all go at once. Our annual summer holiday used to be a Sunday trip to the seaside setting off at 4am but we always had to be back in time for them to go to work at 6pm. Then my brother and I became teenagers... This is a big milestone for me, but obviously I am not yet mature enough to let it go as an unsung act of greatness. Maybe next year I will be big enough to do a good deed and keep it to myself - although I wouldn't put money on it!


  1. Sounds great! Where will you guys be off to?

    And what the heck is a dongle?!?!?!

  2. Take your dongle with you! LOL! I have no extra dongle to spare! Nice to have you back in our world!

  3. I would be in so much trouble with a dongle!! I had one for a while for free in the fall...

    I knew no good would come of it for me! So, I gave it back after the free month trial.

    Good to have you back :-)

  4. Is a dongle a jump drive? I've never called it a dongle. That's pretty funny!