Friday, 12 June 2009

Fort Frick

Once upon a time there was a young man called Henry Clay Frick who vehemently opposed all organised labour unions. Dubbed the worst CEO in American history, Frick was so unimpressed by the steel unions that he went face to face with the rioting masses back in the 1890s leading to several employee deaths and an assasination attempt. I don't know if this led to him lending his surname to grade 2 insults but he's generally regarded as an unpleasant being.

Well, I wish he were here now to sort out the sorry state of London Underground. For 2 days now we have had no underground metro system. Doesn't sound very scary I know, but it took me 2.5 hours to get to work this morning because I ended up walking the whole way! I don't mind a spot of exercise but not at 6:30am and certainly not if there is a whole day of work awaiting me. The journey back has been no less enjoyable.

What is making the underground workers so miserable I hear all you labour-friendly people ask? Well, in the middle of a global recession which has left most stones thoroughly turned, the underground union is demanding a 5% pay increase and a guarantee for no redundancies. I never make out like I am anything but a heartless capitalist but this is too much even for me. I would rather walk 5 hours a day than see them get job security ahead of the rest of the economy. The underground union have replaced Gordon Brown on my dartboard. Long live Henry Frick!

Completely unrelated but check out the amount of moolah being moved around in Spain - a so called bust economy. Now that's a dream team!


  1. O! I hate that you had to walk that far to work! Also when you visit chatroll give me a few minutes lol! I always miss you by about 30 seconds!

  2. You are a good sport walking to work with enthusiasm!!

    I agree. The union should not be asking for more money right now and 5% is bogus.

  3. Ouch! 2.5h walk to work?! I'm guessing in a metro strike cabs and buses also become unavailable? No bicycle?

    Sheesh, sounds like Paris on one of its worse days!

    I agree to the right to strike, but minimum services should be guaranteed! They can't be allowed to paralyze things like that!

    On that other note, it's always been scary the obscene amounts of money thrown around for football players... gulp!

    PS: had fun with your Harry Potter comment! ;o)

  4. Wow...I can't believe it takes your 2 1/2 hours to get to work. I have a 5 minute drive and have trouble making it in on time.