Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Facial conundrum

The head honcho - as in the man who is in charge of investments and sits like the fairy at the top of the tree - has requested to be my friend on facebook. For those of you who have skim read that first sentance, I'm going to wait here for you to read it again to fully comprehend the gravitas of the forked road that lies before me.

What should I do? If I accept, then I will constantly live in fear that someone will write something or put up weird pictures that he will associate with my behaviour. Plus why should I accept it? He's not the boss of me (outside of work...) but I can't help thinking it's some sort of test. But what's the right answer? I'm so sure I wouldn't be like this if we weren't in a job security-less recession! Also, I'm not sure I want to see personal photos of him. I mean, it's bad enough to see him in his best pressed suit but do I really want to see him chilling in his jeans or worse, beach holiday snaps?

Predictably, I'm just hoping it will go away if I ignore it long enough. Although that strategy doesn't seem to work too well with him in the office...


  1. Oh heavens!!! No way can you let him be a friend on facebook. Try just ignoring him for a while.

    The man obviously has the hots for you!!!

    ...if you have to.... Tell him your facebook page is not for business networking that it is a private personal account.

  2. Damn... I felt that way when my thesis supervisor "friended" me... I finally caved and accepted with all the intention of taking him off once I'm done. I spent the first couple of months posting almost nothing on my FB page, but fortunately he doesn't seem to be on there much...

  3. You have never invited me to be your facebook friend?? :(

    You know my name!

    My theory about facebook, accept anyone you know, and then only communicate privately with the people that you want to talk with!:)

  4. You could accept him, and set the properties so he can only see parts of your profile.. otherwise, decline. Professional relationships are not personal ones, and that is all the explanation he needs if he so desires.

    But then again, people usually just don't accept no for an answer without consequence. So I say just only let him see very little, as little as possible :P

  5. I agree w Surge. Accept the friend request so that he won't get offended (bc people DO indeed get offended over such things), but then set all your privacy to block him from everything.

    Good luck!

  6. I wouldn't want to be at your place really that is an awkward situation indeed.I'm sorry I wouldn't know what to do myself.

  7. ohhh I'm late getting to this...but that is a big no no, and he should no better. i would thank him for the friend request, but tell him you have a strict policy that you don't add co-workers to facebook. Seriously, that's what every professor I've ever had has recommended. There are so many things that can go wrong with friending him and it will go on and on as long as you have your account. While painful to say no, the awkwardness will only last a short time.