Sunday, 25 October 2009

Witching hour

Today is one of my favourite days in the year - the end of daylight saving time! My annual ritual is to not change my clock all day until I am doing something I really enjoy. Then I turn back my clocks and it feels like I get an extra hour just at the right moment! And this year, you'll be glad to hear, I have saved it for blogging. It's such a good feeling - you can definitely see why the Doc (Emmett Brown) was so obsessed with his time machine.

The last week of summer time was a gluttonous one for me - I've managed to go to 3 restaurants I have wanted to visit in the space of a week. To my immense relief, all 3 were delicious and well worth the wait and anticipation. I may have to find a new sporty goal though, as I've not lifted a finger (or toe) since the half marathon in mid-October so all these nights out and the upcoming holiday season is probably going to take it's toll! It's weird because I've never really been bothered about it before, but I think I've enjoyed my new toned-ness and it's sad to watch it disappear before my eyes.
It doesn't take much to excite me - which probably goes a long way to explaining why I work in finance and how I can read the financial newspapers and the Economist without falling asleep - but there was a scandal this week in the business community which read like the content of OK! magazine. The head of the UK's biggest insurance company has left his wife (they have 4 kids together) to consumate his affair with his HR director who is also married - to another senior manager who works at the same company! The Aviva triangle - it's like a little bit of Hollywood amongst the pink pages..
Went on a date with the greek guy (the one who challenged me to 'impress him'). Anyway, as most of you rightly predicted but I needed to learn for myself (...!!), he turned out to be a bit of a jerk. Back to the drawing board for me!

This Friday, I am off to Asturias - the home of my hero Fernando Alonso - to watch the last Grand Prix of the year with all his local homies. Slightly less exciting given the Champion was decided last week (Button - ick!) but still, it will be more of a looking-forward celebration as he will be driving for Ferrari next year. Vamos vamos!


  1. Miss O, you need to give these guys a break, they cannot all be Otins!!!! hahahaha!

    Your daylight savings time id different than ours?? Ours is next week.

  2. That ritual seems so great!Never thought of it like that.This feels right.

  3. I've never dated a Greek guy, but I don't really like feta cheese, so I'm not sure we'd get along.
    I was gonna say something else but I got sidetracked and now I can't remember. darn it. I'll come back...

  4. I prefer to move the clock back during the night... I think most of these past years I've been out partying, so it means an extra hour of fiesta or an extra hour of recoup the next morning! :p

  5. Sorry the guy did end up being a jerk!!!

    I had not heard this UK love triangle. Crazy how we miss some of the smaller news from overseas.

  6. Oh! Jensen Button is totally yummy!