Sunday, 15 November 2009

Man flu

Man down, man down.

Instead of working through the pain like any good female of the species, I decided to succumb to the more basic instinct of staying in bed and protecting myself from the dangerous elements.

In fairness, as much as I always dream of pulling a sickie, I can't face making the embarassing call to my boss. So man flu remains an as yet unachieved goal for me. However, I did manage to have a week off work as my doctor wrote me a sick note. He's my hero.

What have I learnt during my time off? Not a lot except that you feel most alone when you're sick. If I had died, how long would it have taken for someone to find me? Thank goodness I have no pets as that removes the possibility of my parents having to identify my half gnawed remains. The new year's resolution is going to have to be getting married or making friends with my neighbours. Tough.


  1. I hear you... having a really bad cold (I refuse to use the word flu unless there's fever along with aches and pains) SUCKS!!!

    You're not sick enough to feel comfortable staying in bed... you get restless and bored. But if you go to work you feel like a zombie and don't do anything anyway!

    I spent last weekend locked in my dorm room with one majorly nasty cold... pretty much sleeping, reading and watching TV on the computer for 3 days, then Tuesday headed out to teach... ugh! Still felt like crap Wednesday. Now I'm on the leftover sniffles and stuffy nose.

    And I wished I had been home even if alone! It's even worse being stuck in a dorm room... one tiny room for 3 days... and last Sunday was the first sunshiny days for over a week and I had plans to go on an all-day walk! :o(

    At least I'm well enough to enjoy my family-visit weekend now! :o)

  2. Ok, Andalucia and Holy Week.

    Holy Week is the week between Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday and there are processions pretty much every day except Easter Saturday (although in Seville I think there is one). Palm Sunday should be a pretty fun, all joyful and lots of people participating with palms. Easter Sunday is the Resurrection, also joyful. Some towns have a very eerie "ProcesiĆ³n del SIlencio" one night -Thur or Fri, don't remember- which is just Christ on the cross following the beat of a lone drum... the Passion.

    I've never been to Seville, I hear it's absolutely CRAZY. I've seen them in two towns in the province of Murcia (just south of Alicante) and Alicante. It's important to know the times and routes of the processions, ideally to know someone on site in the town who can tell you the best spot to stand to watch them (sometimes you need to get there an hour in advance to reserve your spot on the street, some streets have chairs you can "rent".

    It's interesting to see the whole week (I've done it twice). It's kind of like seeing a Bible story unfold before your eyes.

    Now that I think about it... if you have to choose just one Sun I might choose Palm Sunday... but dunno.

    If you have any more specific questions give me a shout! I might be able to locate a friend who has been there...

    Man.. you're making me want to go! ;o)

  3. If you ever stayed in touch, then I would know if something had happened to you! :) LMTLDO!!

  4. You don't have the swine flu, do you?!

    oink. oink.

    Feel better soon!

  5. You know that I miss you, right?!