Sunday, 13 December 2009

Time of excess

Goodwill and cheer - it is all around. As we repent our ways through another Christmas season where our insatiable desire to borrow and spend is keeping the newspaper headlines well padded - all I see is more evidence of excess. There's an automatic reflex switch in our brains which means that as we turn the calendar to December, as we hear the year's first outing of our favourite carol on the radio, as we admire the bright lights flashing santa scenes on our neighbour's house (there's always one who goes overboard...) - we all turn into eternal optimists and every year we think this year will be the best Christmas yet. I even caught myself smiling at a horrendously hungover man on the tube journey to work the other morning - good on him for braving his way into work, he clearly enjoyed some excess the night before! It's almost certain that the O family will be in feud by 10am on Christmas Day but right now today, I am still hopeful that this year will be different...


  1. You never write, you never call, and yet, I still look forward to seeing you. Being that you disappear for a month at a time, I want to wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year! (You did not like my single letter Saturday?) LM5OCSO!!!! (5o'clock shadow)

  2. The Bambi family will be in full feud as well, but there will be alcohol a'plenty so I'm not worried about it.

    Glad you came back for a post :)

  3. Our Christmas will be something of an odd one, with two members of the family off gallivanting on foreign islands... :o( while we get an add-on of other -more distant- family members who join us for the first time.


    Merry Christmas! and I hope the feud doesn't start at least until Boxing Day! ;o)

  4. Dear O, thanks for your comment, your blog is great with interesting writings. I'll be back soon.

  5. I wish you to spend nice Christmas holidays whatever you do.Mine are always different somehow,lol.