Wednesday, 16 December 2009

WTF Wednesdays

The UK has recently been graced with the pre-budget report which details the economic policies the government will enforce next year. Not satisfied with the banks they already own and the mess that is looming over everyone's Christmas, they have decided to put further tax burdens on the whole banking industry. In spirit, I am fully behind taxing bankers but the measures proposed simply hurts the graduates and middle-earners who really have had very little to with bringing on the crisis and who are already suffering from the wage cuts, redundancy, over-leveraged mortgages, unemployment etc etc. It's like all these politicians just spout out headlines that will be short term crowd pleasers. This is not a stand up comedy act - I wish they would think about what they are doing. Completely randomly, they have also decided to reduce tax on bingo winnings - WHAT??!!

What is up with the Chancellor's eyebrows? Thunderbirds was so eighties...

Do we have a right to judge Tiger Woods? Should I care about what he has done in his personal life? Morally, he does not have a leg to stand on and I am not here to condone adultery. However, he's a professional sportsman and that is what he is known for. Why is it that he is having to take time off from the golf circuit because of the public backlash when politicians, movie stars, singers and even religious leaders can get on with their professional lives after their skeletons are unleashed? Surely some of them have more responsibility as moral examples than Tiger Woods? Then there are the celebrities who make immoral decisions in their field of profession - the multitude of politicians who lie and also sports personalities who cheat in their game. Even this year, there was the Renault scandal with a driver trying to throw a race, the rugby player who faked a bleeding face injury and France's controversial entry into the World Cup. I think we should give Tiger a break - glass houses, throwing stones and all that.


  1. WOW! the blog breatheth life! You should run for office, you seem pretty wise!

    Like I said on my site, if Tiger were a rock star he would be revered for his actions, ala Gene Simmons or Ted Nugent!

  2. Seriously, the media is disgusting. I h*te how they dig-up dirt and publicize it, and call it "news".

    Tiger's personal life is not "news". It is none of our business. I h*te journalists almost as much as I h*te politicians now.

    BTW, how much drama will unfold at Ferrari now that Alonso is there? He's like, a scandal-magnet!!!

  3. looks like we need to take up bingo...and i am so over tiger, he has sunk his own ship, let let it go...

  4. I adore you, also! I have since day one, my friend!!

  5. Ho Ho Ho!! Merry Christmas!! From me and my buddy Otin

  6. Personally I was grateful for the Pre-Budget Report - it got me more article commissions!!! Ha ha ha. I thought the Bankers' Bonus Tax was more a discouragement measure than a serious ploy to raise more taxes though??? At least that's how I saw it. The Chancellor seriously can't expect to raise as much as half a billion from it!

    On another note, Happy New Year to you, thank you for supporting me all the way this past year and hope 2010 is good to you. ATB