Sunday, 19 April 2009

Recession dating

Another effect of the financial crisis has been the change in the dating scene. Gone are the days when 2 girls out at a wine bar in the City could almost guarantee being offered a drink by some well heeled banker - they are much more calculating over their discretionary incomes now. Also, there's probably a lot less of them around. Bankers are either moving on to pastures new - the cheese shop they've dreamt of running, the new start in a new country or even moving into teaching where bankers are being offered a fast track option to lessen the shortage of science/maths teachers - or they are even more tied to their desks as the fight for survival gets tougher and tougher.

I've always been a big believer in opposites attract so have generally tried to avoid dating anyone in finance. Can you imagine how dull life as a couple would be if your common interest was limited to work - especially if you work in an industry that encourages high competition and high stress. Plus now there's the added risk of both of you being unemployed. No no, the best piece of advice now would be diversify your assets and spread away those risks...

The man I am currently pretending not to like is a government employee (safe as houses!) - and this is the first time I have dipped my toe in Her Majesty's pool (so to speak). I always say I am far too mature and sensible to be dealing with boys who play games, but secretly I love all this will-he-won't-he-call-me angst. The James Bond affair has been one hell of a long game, I think we've met up all of 6 times in the last 8 months but he's incredibly witty and very confident. He came to meet me after work one time, to have a drink I thought, but he took me to this small museum which has recreated a London house in the 18th Century (sight, sounds, smell - the lot). You walk from the servants quarters in the basement all the way up past the kitchens, living room to the top floor bedrooms and you're not allowed to talk. I never even knew it was there - I love that he is so different.


  1. I think that's so true...diversify! Mr. government employee sounds mysterious, which in my opinion is such a turn on.

    p.s. I haven't made it out for my 5 mile run yet, but will hopefully get there before the end of the day. I guess since you did your run today I should do mine.

    Good luck with walking tomorrow!

  2. Ah...the allure of surprise. Such a lovely aphrodisiac:-)

  3. LOL!!! Bankers teaching!!! that will last about a month.

    A few years ago - I had an older gentleman student teaching for me who wanted to switch careers to teaching from a nice job with a free car. He figured out about 2 weeks in that it was a BS idea!!!

  4. Different can be a good thing!

  5. Ahhhh... opposites DO attract, and sometimes make for the most interesting couples! Mr 007 sounds interesting... what's that museum called he took you to? Sounds like something I'd be interested in and I'm going up to London to visit my sister in July and am always looking into things off the "beaten tourist track" when I pop over there ;o)

  6. Here you are Cris - it is very odd though! If you are stuck for things to do then let me know, tell me what you're interested in and I'll recommend you some other places too.

  7. Thx O! The place does seem odd but also rather unique and I'll definitely keep it on my list of things to consider for the weekend.
    I might ply you for some advice closer to the trip (isn't until late July). I'll be in London from Friday evening to Tuesday afternoon so that gives me plenty of time to go nosing around parts of London I haven't seen yet. My plans will probably vary depending on the weather. Every time I've been I've had fabulous luck weather-wise so I've spent more time out of doors in markets and parks than in museums! The one place I do intend to catch this visit is Westminster... can't believe I still haven't been! :p