Saturday, 4 July 2009


It's hot, like horrible Far-Eastern-just-before-massive-monsoon hot.
Sticky, wet, overcast hot.
No-tan hot.

I've been working 14 hour days and I come home and it's roasting. Top floor flats with closed windows are not what one should have to come home to. Plus I can't sleep with the windows open because of a phobia I have harboured since watching To Catch A Thief - who knows what/who will climb in through your top floor window!

Anyway, all I have to eat is low fat chocolate mousse - I really don't know why I bought this. It's clearly indulgent so I may as well have gone all out. This low fat version is really hideous and completely doesn't satisfy on any level. Who drank all the emergency wine? If only my mum could see me now...


  1. I never used to sleep with windows open for the same I have husband to protect me so they pretty much stay open year 'round.
    Dinner for you should be grapes, wine, and cheese, screw the low-fat mousse :)
    the heat has broken here, maybe you'll get relief soon.

  2. O, you are breaking my heart! Buy some good food and a fan! If you are on right now go to googlr email!

  3. hot and humid?! ugh!

    you should come back to Spain... at least you could cool off in the Med! ;o)

  4. Oh, and I never close my windows in summer -mosquitos be damned!- or I'd suffocate at night! :s

  5. Come visit me in the states - I have fabulous air-conditioning!

  6. So sorry about the heat :-( Ohio has been unseasonably cold which makes great weather to relax at our 4th of July parades.

    I put breakables on my window ledges to knock over if someone tries to stumble in the open windows at night.

  7. what, someone drank the emergency wine and didn't replace dare they?!

  8. Where are you? Have you perspired down to a puddle of sweat? Oh no!

  9. O!!!!! Damnit now!!!!!!!!!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRR!