Wednesday, 1 July 2009


...the only thing keeping me going is the photo of Alonso and me which I have taken to carrying around in my handbag! Every stranger I meet gets the full story. I'm sure I will get bored of it one day... haha

Work is super busy. After graduation, as I stepped into the warm embrace of the financial Centre of Europe, I deliberately steered away from investment banking where my friends commonly stay at work until 2am and then boast that they get to take a company-paid cab home. Instead I chose to be a fund manager - something equally important sounding at all important high school reunions yet with friendlier hours. But somewhere, I think I've been conned!

We're doing a big acquisition - taking over a company that is far bigger in size than we are. Don't even get me started on the politics involved of integrating 2 separate teams - one of which is significantly higher profile and better paid. You know what they say: Change is good. But not in my back yard!!

Lots of news over the past week but it's all just passing me by without giving me a chance to make sarcastic quips. Michael Jackson, Bernard Madoff, Air France... But the one I've chosen to highlight is the story of James Amburn, a fund manager much like myself. He was tortured and held hostage by a gang of pensioners for 4 days for losing their pension money.

His excuse? "Due to market conditions, unfortunately [the money is] gone"

Damn it, that's my line!!


  1. It seems that quite a few people are using that line, these days! Nice to be back here! :)

  2. Wow!! I missed this news story. Just scary. Did it frighten you a little??

    I do not get scared when I hear about school shootings. Maybe, I should. I just figure that I will jump out a window if needed running in a zig zag pattern. LOL

  3. Brilliant story about James Amburn. Like the picture of the stones as well!

  4. Aw..who's Alonso?

    That story is just crazy!

    Nice Zen pic!