Friday, 8 May 2009

Is it too soon...?

Got an email from the exam regulators this week saying they are taking into account the recent flu epidemic and they are working hard to ensure there will be no disruptions on exam day (a 6 hour exam on a Saturday that takes place simultaneously all over the world - I'm sure there's an arbitrage opportunity there somewhere with the time differences but I haven't quite figured it out yet...)


  1. Hmmm...wonder how they plan on doing that?

  2. what sort of exam?

    when I was in the French school system, the BAC also had to be done simultaneously across the globe, but to make it more reasonable within time zones, geographical regions were established and everyone within one region would get the same exam and start at the same time. Perhaps they might do something like that? It's not fair that some people should have the exam at 12 noon, while others a midnight (or later)...

  3. Lmao at the piglet cartoon! My dad says thanks!!

  4. Marathoner - I don't wonder so much as hope with every fibre of existence that they don't, and then pass everyone by default.... I would go so far as to say that's my greatest fantasy at the moment...!

    Cris - the next post is just for you...

    Otin - I hope he had a good one!

  5. OMG...that pooh pic bout made me crap my pants! I just got done reading the te of piglet and the tao of pooh, so that was extra funny! and i know i sound gay saying "extra funny!" but...sometimes, gay articulation is the only way you can get a message across.