Monday, 18 May 2009

Make it a Blue day!


Although my dear football team have finished third in the league, today is a momentous day in my life as I have FINALLY made it to the top of the list! The credit crunch obviously serves a purpose as enough people have gone bankrupt for me to get a season ticket - I've only been on the waiting list since 2002. I have been saving to buy my dream Miu Miu handbag but I figure it is already almost out of fashion and I can't really turn down this ticket - who knows when I'll be offered it next. I'm going to keep it forever and create a legacy. My future children will fight to be the one to inherit it...

In a haze of blue glory, I'm going to dedicate this post to all things sporty in my life. I'm an avid golfer (yes, don't worry, I already know it spoils a good walk) but it started as the only way I could spend 4 straight hours with my dad without threatening to disown each other, and for some reason, the game comes very easy to me. To balance out the cardiovascular side of life, I shall be running the London half marathon this October - I'm glad to have found marathoner81 as I'm now relying on her to shame me into training through her own rigorous regime!

I also love watching Formula One races - it's just something about the speed, the cars, the slight smell of petrol you can smell through the TV screen... It's been tarnished of late by several 'scandals' involving fraud, dishonesty and general confusion . Even worse, a few teams including Ferrari are threatening to pull out on the back of spending restrictions - it's all turned into a political off-track nightmare. It doesn't help that ungrateful drivers are comparing it to being in prison. What a complete idiot thing to say - he earns more than I know how to count up to, he drives a car worth more than my life insurance, he's dating a pussycat doll, he's giving his family the life they always wanted and he's living his dream of being a Champion driver. The boy needs to learn some perspective on life. My loyalties remain firmly with the great eyebrow-ed one...

Anyhow, here's hoping for a great season for Chelsea next year!


  1. Sports... I prefer doing them to watching them! But I do enjoy a good football match, no team in particular (although I do lean towards the Real Madrid), except for every 2 years when I go all out for La Furia Roja, the current European Champions!!! olé! olé! olé! Only 1 year until the World Cup!!! :o)

    I also enjoy a good tennis match, particularly if it features Rafa Nadal or Roger Federer! :o) (I miss the lack of excitment lately on the girl's side, why did Justine have to retire?)

    Then there's the Olympics... every two years I find myself watching sports I NEVER watch! But it is great fun!

  2. is football soccer or rugby? We Americans don't watch soccer, our children play it, but thats about as far as it goes. We are too stubborn to let someone elses sport come here LMHO!(Hemorrhoids)!

  3. I love watching most sports and used to play a fair few at one time too.

    A Chelsea supporter?! For my sins, I'm a Leeds fan and we still linger in League One, which sounds better than third division but that's where we are. The shame!

  4. I was kind of hoping you would shame me into training!

    I ran this morning before work, which means you better be running too!

  5. We were unlucky in the CL this year, so very, very unlucky. And Guus did wonders for us in the league, though that defeat to Spuds still stings. And we still have the FA Cup final, which I pray that we'll win and give him a good sending off to.

    But yes, next season please. I couldn't take ManUre winning a 19th league. Ugh.