Saturday, 16 May 2009

Someone say Cupcakes?

Is this not the cutest picture? Who can say no to a cupcake, let alone one that is covered in frosting and being lusted after by Bambi?

Thanks to Otin for sending me his deer cupcake award - rules (since when have awards come with rules? Although I guess the silent rule to any award is maintain the status quo, be it for Nadal to continue beating Federer or for the beauty queen to continue facilitating world peace...) are to respond and rework. Answer the questions on your blog, replace one question you dislike with a question of your own invention, and add one additional question.

1).What is your current obsession? Broadening my horizons - I think I am having a recession-driven epiphany.
2).Where are you right now? A strangely sunny London
3).Coffee or tea? Coffeeeee!!
4).What's one of your favorite movies? Roman Holiday
5).What's one thing you're looking forward to? June 8th (day after my exams) and the start of the summer - rock on!
6).Who was your childhood crush? The enduring crush is Jensen Ackles (he's now looking mighty hot in Supernatural) but with age has come a desire for substance. I like high achievers now.
7).What is your current favorite Song? The man who can't be moved by the Script. Trends find me slow...
8).What would you like to get rid of? Self-doubt. I am woman - hear me roar!
9).What in life are you waiting on? An early retirement with an intelligent man (who will also happen to be a mediterannean millionaire) in a Tuscan villa surrounded by cypress trees. We will drink wine from our land and I would blog every day - haha
10). Why did you start your blog? It was one of many tactics to delay revising! It's strangely captivating though - I can see how people get addicted.
11).If money was not an issue, what is one thing you would purchase for yourself? A Formula One team.
12).If you could live in a foreign country, which one would you choose? Italy - I want la dolce vita!
13).What is one trait about yourself that you wish you could change? Probably a little too probing for the morning after the night before...
14). Tipple of choice? I love cold and dry white wine. I like my cocktails fruity although on a first date I would probably go for a martini to be less girly and my best holiday ever was drenched in limoncello!

And now, for the nicest part of all. You don't have to do the questions, but your blogs are deer to me!
Otin - I offer you the option of answering the new questions and I love Otins Chat
Cris - In the bleak days when I was a blogging newbie, you gave me much joy by leaving me comments. You know what they say, you never forget your first.. haha
Hit 40 - I think you already receive every award going - but here's another just because teachers shape our futures.
Madeline - I don't know where you've gone, but I really enjoy your snapshots.
Marathoner81 - Like Hit40 on the awards front but keep up the training - I want us both to finish come October!


  1. Hullo!!

    A sunny London,lol are you sure?just kidding!People have no idea how sunny London can be!

    the answer to the 9 th just what life is about,money or not,that life is just LIFE!(yeah that doesn't make any sense,wine on my blood,lol)

    Have a nice day :)

  2. You can't tag me back lol!, this could go on forever,haha, you must still be on that bottle of red lol

  3. How wonderful!!! THANKS!!! and for the record you didn't sound like a Blogging newbie when I poked my head in here, you started off running! You've got an interesting place to hang out so here's to hoping many more people stop by.

    I will definitely answer the questions this weekend (not today, am still in a zombi-ish state following my own Friday evening extravaganza...) and pass on some of the joy of receiving a Blogging award, I'm all a-twitter! :o)


  4. Thanks!!! How is your running coming along??? Some days it's great for me and other times it's sooo hard. I'm going to run tomorrow, let's hope for a good one.

  5. Couldn't agree more with your answer to number nine:)
    And in response to your question on my blog about outfit posts: I'm still planning on posting them but my camera just broke so I'll need to find a new way to take pictures. But keep your eyes open for them because they're not postponed forever!

  6. and speaking of that status quo you mentioned above... have you heard the latest in the tennis world? FEDERER BEAT NADAL ON CLAY!!! OMG!!! :p Was an interesting match, very close, but Rafa just not up to his usualy game level and Federer doing beautifully. This might give a bit more excitement to Roland Garros... :o)

  7. done!

    and thanks again for the delightful honour!!!!

  8. Hello O!
    Thank you for noticing! - be back soon. Happen to be running around with my hair on fire - involved in a project that ends this week. Yay Rah for the home team.
    Love your blog!