Thursday, 21 May 2009

Thou shalt not covet...

So pretty....

Summer wedding season is fast approaching and the powers of facebook mean that one dress will not suffice for 3 weddings on consecutive weekends!

Obivously I am busy studying, but on my well deserved breaks I was looking at dresses and I love this pale pink one from the Miss Dior perfume advert. The dress is beautiful in itself but I'm also sold on the Miss Dior lifestyle as she flits through the cobbled streets in her dress enjoying all things Parisian. The full length gown you can see a snippet of is completely stunning too. For those interested, the ad was directed by Sofia Coppola and the song is a Brigitte Bardot classic - moi je joue. So happy!

I know you can't wear white to weddings but are there any other rules? I've heard no black and no red too - is this true? So many rules...


  1. Great clothing commercial. Americans do not take our clothes very seriously. We slop around in pricey jeans like we are dressed up. LOL!!

    A&F is opening a lot of overseas stores. They have stopped building new ones in the states. The company focus is out of the country.

  2. Well, if it was a traditional Ibiza wedding then everyone would be in white! ;o)

    Otherwise no, I don't know of any general dress-code wedding rules! And I suspect they change from country to country... :p

    One thing I wouldn't worry about is facebook photos and consecutive weddins when chosing the dresses. The question should be more: are the people in the three weddings from the same group? If not then I'd go for 2 dresses not 3, save yourself some money 'cause those things are dammed expensive! Notice I don't say just one 'cause hell! 3 weekends in a row in the same dress? boring for you! ;o)
    I've managed pretty well over the past couple of years with just 3 dresses because the weddings were in different countries, so definitely different people!

    In any case enjoy the shopping for the dresses! Take a friend with you, that's always the funnest part! :p

  3. Oh, and I don't know if you have Tintoretto in the UK (a Spanish store). They usually have very nice dresses in reasonable price ranges (for that type of clothes, we're still talking around 100-200€ depending on the dress)

  4. Hi!It really was directed by Sofia Coppola?cool!

  5. Gorgeous dress. I think you can wear black to weddings. I wore a black dress 2 times (different ones). One was a fun black and white dress, for a wedding in July, and another in May it was an evening wedding and the dress was's all in the shoes anyway. I wore awesome purple shoes. I loved that outfit!

    Either way shopping for dresses to wear to weddings is a huge challenge. Good Luck.

  6. WTF do I know about fashion? lol! My socks hardly ever match haha!

  7. Hit 40 - I think the pricey jeans fashion brigade have hit London too - it's all a con, someone somewhere in denimland is getting very rich!

    Cris - I will have to try and hunt one down - I am in Madrid again next month for business so will see what time I can get off to hit the shops. Can't wear white - the bride will kill me!

    m81 - you're so right - shoes are everything!

    Otin - non matching socks are a statement in themselves you fashion rebel you... haha

  8. Candi - yes, they made a big fuss over how she directed it. I imagine that's how you live every day!

  9. Glad to hear that you are getting sloppy overseas for us!! I will be able to walk around in my flip flops and ripped up jeans feeling right at home.

  10. Just stopping by to say hi from 20sb bloggers!

  11. Just stopping to say hi from I am so goddamned old bloggers HAHA!

  12. Uh-oh I have this one black dress that Im hoping to wear to a friends wedding in June. Its my back up, I am hoping to walk around and look for a nice dress, but I tend to get stressed shopping, coz I dont have much patience, hence the back up.

    Id love any recommendations on where to look (even online!).